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Entry #5

Some great songs and artists of the Audio Portal in 2011

2012-01-01 01:19:57 by CrazyYoungPiplup2559

By the time I was writing this news post, 1 year had passed. To celebrate, here is a list of the best of Newgrounds Audio Portal in 2011.

[PR] A New Year - PythagorasReloaded
ZachPayne (Artist)
It's Summer - LoveKari
Rainwave (Artist)
HalcyonicFalconX (Artist)
Excipse - Dastardo
Take Me Away - NIGHTKilla
Avizura (Artist)
Winter Sky - m00z

Edit: I've heard that Newgrounds will go under a major layout change. I have a feeling that there will be positive and negative responses, more of them will be negative than positive. There will be some responses that will have a mix of positive and negative attitudes.


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2012-01-29 02:03:58

Take Me Away by Nightkilla is better than Blacklight.

CrazyYoungPiplup2559 responds:

Both songs are good.